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The Solar Weekend festival will take place for the 6th time this year on the shores of the recreation lake area De Weerd (Maasplassen, Roermond) in the south of the Netherlands. Solar is 3-day pretty damn unique holiday experience with a broad palet of music and piles of creativity. With its own beach campsite, the legendary after- and preparties, the big fat ‘n wide music lined-up, relaxed atmosphere and the “do w’ever you like” feel, Solar has the ultimate holiday vibe!

Over the passed 6 years the Solar Weekender is praised for its intimate, surprising creativity and extraordinaire music program. The festival is all about exploring and discovering tons of big and small areas. Enjoy the live music on the Mixed Main stage, have a wellness treatment or go wild on the best Dutch house deejays at the House of House. It’s your call. If you like more bass, go to the Techy Tent or the Ouwehoeah. Feel like beer and German vibes? No prob, there will be a ganz tolles Schlager Area!

Count to that a variety of hiphop, dubstep, disco, electro, reggae, salsa and sooo on, and your wicked holiday trip is a fact, yo! Alongside the music there will be many possibilities to enjoy a theatre show, to have a delicious dinner at the lake shores or to chill in our arty lounges. Cool: the week before the festival’s opening the terrain will be overwhelmed by hundreds of creative people building, painting, crafting and creating the festival.

Not convinced yet? You should be soon ! Please check the Footage Page and other visuals like the aftermovie at “Foto/video” on this very website. And… take a proper peak at our line-up! Kabang!